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Dr. Ynge Ljung Acupuncture Physician

Ynge Ljung AP has been an Acupuncture Physician, Alternative and Holistic Practitioner for over 13 years.

"Acupuncture is my love. My mission in life is to help as many people as possible."

I have seen almost everything you can imagine. Most people come to me after they've tried everything else.

Yes, I get the worst cases. They've been through the system and are frustrated, misinformed and told many lies. They've even been told ‘It is all in your head.’

Balance is the key to a healthy body. When you are in crisis, you are out of balance. Balance is health. When your body is in balance, your body can heal itself. It's as simple as that.

I want to let you know that there is help for you.

"Your problems don't change, but if you can change the way we look at them, everything else changes."

I have always had a passion for Eastern healing methods. After graduating from the Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare in 1995, I continued my education in the Extraordinary Vessel Treatments with Dan Nevel, studied Hara Diagnosis, Diore Ring Treatments and studied Master Kawai's Patchi Patchi Treatments with Kiko Matsumoto. I then found Dr. Richard Tan, who taught me the Twelve and Twelve Acupuncture and Balancing Protocols that I now uses extensively in my treatments.

These Allergy Elimination treatments are based on acupuncture but do not use needles. They are especially effective on children.

“I use this allergy elimination technique in combination with other modalities with great success.” Allergies are the cause of many imbalances in the body and cause more chaos than it appears. Each treatment incorporates the elimination of your allergies. Allergies saps your energy and keeps you out of balance and hold you back from being healthy.

In 2002, I discovered Acutonics, a system of healing using (sound) tuning forks based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am a certified practitioner as well as teacher in this vibrational healing art. Using “The Music of the Spheres”, I am able to reconnect the body to the Cosmos. “These treatments fully embrace and balance the body, soul and mind.

They are transformational and great for those that prefer needle free acupuncture.”

In 2005, I discovered BodyTalk and took every course that was available: Levels 1,2,3,4,6,7 and Family Constellations in less than a year. I has found BodyTalk to be an indispensable tool in my vast array of healing options. “I use it extensively.

Uniquely different from modern Western medicine, the Chinese healing techniques I utilize at Between Heaven and Earth Health Center are based on in depth exploration of the individual to find the root cause of their present condition.

“By addressing questions about the lifestyle, family history, etc, not just the symptom, I am able to eliminate the cause of the problem, not just treat the symptoms.”

“I am challenged by Western medicines reliance on treating the symptoms typically with drugs, ignoring the imbalances and deficiencies of Western medicine diagnosis. I was fortunate to discover ancient healing sources and Chinese truths that I am able to incorporate into my practice. My extensive education in both Eastern and Western ideologies has brought me to my present practice. With my education I am able to have insights into the complete harmonizing of the body, mind and spirit. My approach creates a lasting effect bringing balance and harmony to the to the whole being.”

By combining acupuncture, vibrational healing, allergy elimination, BodyTalk all in the same treatment, I make gains that any of these healing protocols cannot do alone.

I invite you in to a complimentary consultation to see how I can help you in your time of need. How Acupuncture Saved My Life

Herbert Hoffman has extensive experience and training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) This energy medicine addresses the connection between phobias, physical and emotional pains and thier emotional aspect.

Herb also trained in Bodytalk levels 1,2 3 4,6,7, and Family Constellations.

He is proficient in Acutonics, a energy medicine using sound healing techniques based on TCM. Tuning forks calibrated to the planets and sun are placed on acupunctue points. These profound treatments are changing patient's lives in ways they could not have imagined possible.

In his openness to receive the knowledge the world has to offer in energy healing, Herb trained in Access Consciousness, enabling him to open patients to receive the abundance the world has to offer with ease, joy, and glory. This process helps the patient to become aware of the infinite possibilities by removing the judgments, beliefs and feelings that create the world the world in which they are trying to change. After a clearing, the patient will perceive and receive the abundance into their life that they have been looking for. Herb has successfully completed Bars, Foundation, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and "Right Body For You".

See Dr Ynge Ljung on the Web at,, Microcurrent with East West Seminars, Locate a Doc, BodyTalk Systems, Kairos Institute, Devachan Press, byRegion, Health Professionals, Tao Center, Body Mind Spirit, and By Region.

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