Causes of ADHD in Children

Sugar is an obvious factor in ADHD, and is a cause of dental problems has an indirect link to behavioral problems . The material used for filling cavities is mercury, which is neuro-toxic. Meaning, it depletes the body of the very minerals it needs, attacks the immune system, and hinders every hormone in the body, along with many other adverse side effects. The nickel in braces and retainers that may also be used can also alter immune and brain function. Fluoride treatments and fluoride toothpaste can be another aggravating factor. Our doctors may have to do NAET to these dental items in addition to other treatments for the greatest allergy elimination.

Allergies to many foods, vitamins (especially B's), minerals, inhalants, mold, chemicals, parasites, insect mix, school-room air or bedroom air, and a host of other items also need to be identified and treated. Allergies to wheat and grains, dairy, corn products, chocolate, cinnamon, and peanut butter are among the most frequently seen food allergies.

Often, when parents are asked about when the symptoms first began, they report that it seemed to begin around the time of their child’s booster injections prior to entering school. Often, vaccinations are too potent for our bodies to make antibodies for. After the shots, often the person becomes ill or the entire immune system is compromised as it requires too much of the body’s energy to develop all the necessary antibodies required to make the vaccine effective.

Note that although there is tremendous pressure to vaccinate your child, it is not required by law, nor does it have to be done by a certain age. Please know your rights and act accordingly.

Children do not have to suffer with ADHD for their entire lives. There are simple, natural cures available through Between Heaven and Earth Holistic Center.

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