Bars - Clear The Energies That Imprison You

Brain flash

Bars clears energy that holds us back.

We were put on this earth to experience all the wonder and goodness and to receive infinitely the abundance that is available to all.

And yet, when you look around, you don't see much of that.

The Reason

We have so many "beliefs and judgments" that hold us back and keep us from experiencing the abundance that is due us. We were not put on this earth to suffer.

Since everything is energy on this earth, these beliefs and judgments can be eliminated by the process called Bars. When these limiting beliefs are removed, you will experience this world in a new way where things come to you effortlessly. It will change your life.

Bars are points on the head that are gently held to release the energy (beliefs and judgments) that are stored there.

The brain acts as a capacitor, a device that holds an electrical charge. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions all have an electrical component.

Any time we decide that something is significant, important or should be held onto, we store it in our brain. It’s like a giant computer and it has billions of years of considerations stuck in it.

Whenever you, as a being, take on a new body, you bring all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you made significant from your past into your new body.

There are 32 points on the head including;

  • Power Band
  • Implant Band
  • Healing
  • Hopes and Dreams
  • Form and Structure
  • Sadness and Joy
  • Aging
  • Body and Sexuality
  • Recreation and Reactivation
  • Money
  • Control
  • Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Creating Connections
  • Creating Life Forms
  • Communication
  • Time and Space
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Peace and Calm
  • and Restructuring of Bodies.
Activating these points by allowing the energy to flow through these bars releases the electrical charge that holds all considerations, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions, emotions, or attitudes you have ever stored or decided was important in any and all lifetimes.

This allows us to:

Finally achieve the potential we have always known we had and yet had not been able to attain.

Your Whole Life Will Change Just From a Session.

One session will release 5 to 10,000 years or thoughts, feelings, considerations, ideas, beliefs etc. that you have stored. By placing our fingers upon different points on the head, we allow the electrical component of thought that has been stored there to dissipate. That is the process by which we will erase all the considerations that hold us captive and have held us in solidity for thousands and millions and billions and trillions of years.

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