BodyTalk, Re-establishing Communication within the Body


is a unique health care modality that addresses the body in a truly integrative, holistic way.

The body functions as an integrated communication system and not just a bunch of independent organs and systems. This teamwork and reliance is important for health and wellness to be maintained. Poor health occurs when there is a breakdown of this communication.

In a session, communication with the "Innate Wisdom" by means of biofeedback or muscle testing is established.

The first question asked (silently) is "Is BodyTalk a Priority?" then, are Organs a Priority, are Endocrines a priority, and continue until we get our first link that is not communicating or is out of balance. This is the first destination in need of enhancing. This process continues to find the next "link" and so on.

Using this technique, we are able to determine which aspects of the body mind complex are poorly linked and under-communicating with others. By re-establishing this communication, the body will be able to once again heal itself as it is meant to do.

Other times, the BodyTalk treatment needs to disassociate the emotional energy that is stuck in the body. Most pain is caused by this type of stuck energy.

With these links in mind, tapping gently on the head, and then over the sternum restores the communication.

Tapping on the head enables innate to register the links in the brain, enhancing the overall functioning and intercommunication within the body.

Tapping over the heart complex enables innate to store the memory of the links. In this way, the "Innate Wisdom" and healing function inherent in the body is enhanced on all levels.

This process is repeated until the "Innate Wisdom" ends the session. It basically says "This is enough for the body to work on at this time".

Most people notice a difference as soon as the BodyTalk treatment is over.

When communication is reestablished, the body starts the process of healing which continues for weeks or months.

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What Should I Expect from a BodyTalk Session?

Case Study

Cynthia, a 26 year old woman came to me for a very sharp, annoying pain she had on her right shoulder. She had been bothered by this for a long time. It got worse when she was under stress. This was her only complaint at this time.

I started the session with Body Talk, which I found to be a priority. I was immediately taken to the Lung system. The "Innate Wisdom" wanted to disassociate an energy that was affecting the lungs adversely. The link was to an event that happened when Cynthia was 6 years old.

The emotions were anger and grief. It had to do with her father. I asked her about this, but she could not remember what happened. "That can't be right." she said, "My father left us when I was 3 years old".

Then, all of a sudden, her eyes opened wide, became watery and she could now remember that her father came to visit her, when she was 6 years old. It was her birthday. She was so angry with him, that she hid in the back yard and did not come back in the house until he left. She never saw him again!

After the treatment, I asked her to take a deep breath. She took a breath that was so deep, it seemed to last forever. She exclaimed, "I can breathe!"

"I have not been able to breathe well my whole life! I was so used to it, I forgot to mention it!" Not only did her breathing improve, her shoulder pain was also gone.

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