Access Consciousness
Clearing Statement

Access Consciousness clearing statement is a process that clears all energies past, present and future, here, there and everywhere.The complete clearing statement is:Right and wrong, good and bad, all nine, POC and POD, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

The long version of “Right & wrong, good & bad all 9” represents:
(1) How have we made this right, good, perfect and correct, or wrong, terrible, awful mean and vicious?
(2) How does that diminish us?
(3) How does that make us absolutely, totally, irrevocably, infinitely, utterly and eternally meaningless?
(4) What are the rewards that make this right, good, perfect and correct or wrong terrible, awful, mean & vicious?
(5) As [_____________] what choices have we made or are we making?
(6) As [_____________] what creations create the commitments to the creation of our limitations?
(7) As [_____________] how many limitations of dimensionality hold this in existence?
(8) As [_____________] how many controls, definitions, limitations, forms, structures, significances, linearities, and concentricities of you hold this in existence?
(9) As [_____________] what are you unwilling to destroy that holds this in existence?

POC stands for point of creation of the thoughts feeling emotions immediately preceding your decision to have this, and POD stands for the point of destruction, all the ways you have been destroying yourself in order to keep whatever you’re clearing in existence.

Shorts stands for what’s meaningful about this, what’s meaningless about this, what’s the punishment for this, and what’s the reward for this.

What does [ ] mean to us? How do we make it meaningless? What are we punishing ourself for and torturing ourself with in relation to it? What are the rewards of it? How many layers and non-layers do we have in relation to it? How much meaningless glop and glop do we have in relation to it?

In the clearing statement, Boys stands for nucleated spheres. These are pre-verbal. Basically these have to do with those areas of our life where we’ve tried to handle something continuously with no effect. When that occurs, we have the Boys in the Hood. There are some issues which are onions, where you peel away and you get to the core of the issue, and there are some that are not. They are two different things. If you never get to the core of the issue, you are dealing with the nucleated spheres. A lot of what we have tried to peel the layers of the onion on is not actually an onion at all but it’s a nucleated sphere. If you have ever in any lifetime done peeling the layers of the onion as a way to clear an issue and it doesn’t clear, it’s because it’s a nucleated sphere. After 25 billion years of peeling the onion, you never get clear. Nucleated spheres are like kids’ bubble pipes that have five little chambers in it and you blow in it and it fills up with bubbles. You pop one and it fills in, you pop one and it fills in, and the issue never goes away. The source of it is over here where someone’s blowing and you keep popping the bubbles somewhere else and the issue doesn’t ever truly go away. How many nucleated spheres do you have that you’ve misidentified and misapplied as the incomplete onions of your life, and everything that creates all that, can we destroy and uncreate it please?

The clearing statement continues with Beyonds. Beyonds is a feeling or sensation we get in our body which stops us dead in our tracks. Did you ever get a bill which was way more than you expected? For me it was a cell phone bill. When you get that bill, everything stops and solidifies in time, space, dimensions, and reality. That’s a beyond. We have lots of areas in our life where we freeze up. Anytime you freeze up, that’s the beyond holding you captive. That’s the difficulty with a beyond: it stops you from being present. All the beyonds creating the eternally beyond keeping you captive, can we destroy and uncreate all that now please? Right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, POD and POC, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

The clearing statement does not have to be understood, it just has to be said to create the desired clearing effect. The clearing statement must be said at the end of the statement. Return from Clearing Statement Page to homepage

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