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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that was first described in Egyptian hieroglyphs about 3,500 years ago. Due to a metabolic dysfunction related to genetics and obesity, the body does not produce or use insulin in the proper way.

Sugars trapped in starches, fruits and other foods are converted to energy using insulin. To be absorbed properly, insulin must be present.

Normally, during digestion, the pancreas produces the just the right amount of insulin to breakdown the sugars into glucose. The energy trapped in the sugar can now enter the blood and flow into our cells.

Sometimes the pancreas either produces little or no insulin, or the cells do not respond appropriately to the insulin that is produced.

Glucose builds up in the blood, overflows into the urine, and passes out of the body. Thus, the body loses its main source of energy even though the blood contains large amounts of glucose.

There are two major types of diabetes.

Type 1

The body fails to produce insulin, the hormone that "unlocks" the cells of the body thus allowing glucose to fuel the cells. Up to 10% of all diabetics fall into this category.

Type 2

The remainder fall into this category. They have insulin deficiency. The body does not produce enough insulin. To make things worse, there is a failure to properly use what insulin is available.

Allergies can disrupt the delicate balance.

When you are allergic or sensitive to sugar, your body doesn't respond correctly to the sugars or starches.

Your body needs sugar. It is vitally important. But when you are sensitive to it, your body treats the sugar as a harmful irritant. The immune system thinks the sugar is bad and doesn't allow it to be absorbed properly into the system. Many times, when this happens, you crave the very substance that is not being absorbed.

Acupuncture can stimulate the pancreas and the digestive system to allow better absorption of sugars that help in thinking as well as energy. Also, many times we see that an allergy to sugars can lead to an incorrect response to sugar absorption. When we eliminate the sensitivity to sugar, the amount of insulin needed is decreased considerably. We ask that you tell your doctor to check you periodically to help you decrease the dose of insulin as your body makes the necessary correction. Click here to see how allergies affect health.

After being treated successfully for sugars, your body will look at the sugar like any other food and allow the body to work with it the way it was intended. When this happens, your body can do what is was made to do and process the sugars correctly.

We see great improvements in either less insulin necessary or moving from the injectable type to oral administration. Careful testing is necessary during this time because the body can right itself very quickly when there is no adverse reaction to the sugars.

Diabetes can be successfully treated with acupuncture.

Acupuncturists have identified about 20 body acupoints that are effective in lowering blood sugar.

The goal of a diabetic regimen is to maintain blood sugar and blood fat levels as close to normal as possible. Blood sugar fluctuation can lead to complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure and nerve damage, loss of vision and poor circulation and in extreme cases amputation.

Weight gain and lack of exercise are huge contributing factors in adults and children.

Childhood Diabetes.

Children are falling victim to this dreaded disease in record numbers. Weight, exercise and nutrition can play a great part in reversing this trend.

Weight loss is another contributor. We use a nutritional cleansing approach, not a diet, that sheds the pounds fast. Weight is a huge contributor to becoming insulin dependent.

Exercise and diet is very important for diabetics. This is both prevention and treatment! Sedentary people develop type 2 diabetes 3 times more than those who are physically active!

Rhythmic repetitive muscular movement is most beneficial, like walking. People who take insulin should exercise an hour after eating, while type 2 might prefer to do it before meals to reduce appetite. They should walk half an hour 5 to 7 times a week.

To help regulate blood sugar levels, we suggest teas of blueberry leaf, dandelion root, goldenseal, juniper berry, uva ursi or yarrow. Garlic can benefit in regulating your sugar levels.

Nutritional counseling is also offered st Between Heaven and Earth Health Center.

We also treat Diabetic neuropathy in our office. This is a numbing of the extremities due to nerve damage.

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