Hypoglycemia Diet

by Will
(Fort Collins, CO)

I have suffered from Hypoglycemia my entire life. A few years ago, I finally figured out how to manage it. I no longer eat traditional American "meals". Instead, I snack all day long, eating a handful of something about every 2 hours. I eat a lot of high protein snacks, like nuts and seeds to keep my energy up. I no longer have sugar cravings, but I can even eat a dessert without having a problem now.

I will admit, it was challenging at first to adopt this new lifestyle. It was difficult going to restaurants and finding something small to order. Remembering to pack snacks to get me through the work day took a while. But, I've been doing this now for almost 5 years and not only is my Hypoglycemia completely under control, my overall health is perfect.

I would highly recommend this lifestyle for anyone interested in losing weight or with digestive disorders as well. There are no strict rules to follow and your body functions much better doing constant low-level metabolizing instead of having to kick into high gear 3 times a day.

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