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A migraine headache is a recurrent throbbing or pulsating headache that is often one sided and associated with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, and smells, sleep disruption, and depression that can be caused by allergies.

Typically lasting from 4-72 hours, they can vary in frequency from daily to fewer than 1 per year and affects about 15% of the population. The attacks are three times as prevalent in women as in men. More than 80% have other members in the family with the same condition. The pain can impact every aspect of their lives.

Many patients that had doubts about the effectiveness of our treatments and are happily surprised with the results. With diet changes; coffee is a major contributor to migraines and allergy treatments, their pain is a thing of the past.

Acupuncture can offer powerful relief without the side effects that prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been used to relieve Headaches and Migraines, as well as their underlying causes, for thousands of years and is a widely accepted form of treatment for headaches in our society.

We have also found that allergies play a major role. An allergy to the foods we eat can cause a restriction in the arteries in the brain causing headache and migraines. After allergy elimination treatments, we see most episodes either lessen or completely go away. Allergy responses can happen right away after eating or many hours or even days after ingesting the allergen. That's why there isn't always a direct relationship between the eating of the food and the pain that comes later.

Acupuncture and allergy treatments can provide lasting relief from the pain of chronic headaches, such as migraines, according to a new study. Researchers found that compared with standard medical care, acupuncture offers substantial benefits in preventing headaches and improving the quality of life for people who suffer from frequent headaches.

Acupuncture is commonly used to treat other types of chronic pain, but researchers say this is the first large-scale study to examine the effectiveness of acupuncture under real-life conditions. They say the results indicate that health insurance coverage of acupuncture services should be expanded to include these kind of treatments.

In the study, published in the March 15 issue of the British Medical Journal, researchers randomly divided 401 adults aged 18-65 years old with chronic headache (at least two headaches a month) -- into two treatment groups. Participants had a history of attacks.

One group received up to 12 acupuncture sessions during a three-month period in addition to standard medical care, and the other group received standard care alone.

A year later, researchers found those who received acupuncture:

Experienced 22 fewer days with headaches

  • Used 15% less medication
  • Made 25% fewer visits to their doctor
  • Took 15% fewer days off sick from work than the control group

Tips to lessen the impact:

  • Enjoy a bath or shower.
  • Lie down and rest in a dark room.
  • Avoid bright or flashing light or other stimulus.
  • Put something cold on the back of your neck, such as a cold, wet cloth; or alternate hot and cold cloths where the pain is.
  • Put your feet in a container of warm water.
  • Have a drink of water or natural juice, especially tomato juice.
  • Have some food, or a nutritious drink, if you haven't eaten for a while.
  • Massage your own face, head, neck and shoulders, or get someoneelse to do those and your back. Relax your muscles.
  • Press on two pressure points at the back of the neck. These points are about two inches apart, just below the base of the skull. Press for a minute or two. This releases endorphins that help release pain.
  • Massage or press on the fleshy area between thumb and forefinger. This is a powerful acupressure point that relieves any problem of the head.
  • Gently lean the head to left or right to stretch the neck muscles.
  • Massage and relax any tense muscles.
  • Avoid sources of stress. Cancel activities so there's less to worry about.

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15 March 2004 - written by BUPA's Health Information Team

British doctors have found that acupuncture can reduce the number of days of suffering a person has a year, as well as reducing the amount of medication they need and days off work. Click here for more info.

Using EFT for Headaches & Migraine Headaches

EFT's results on headaches are often astonishing. In most cases, headaches, including migraine headaches, vanish within a few minutes of applying EFT. Also, repeated applications of EFT often eliminate chronic headaches so that they no longer re-appear daily, weekly or monthly. Click here for more info.

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