Neti Pot

by Linda
(Chicago, IL)

I've been taking prescription allergy medicine for nearly 9 years for terrible hayfever and cat allergies. I read about neti online and picked up a neti pot and a box of non-iodized table salt at my health food store. The first few times it was a bit awkward and once or twice one of my sinus was so plugged the water could not pass through. But I kept at it because I noticed I could breath better through my nose about 10-15 minutes after the rinse. I could actually breath in through my nose and feel the air at the back of my throat as it passed into my lungs! I didn't even know you could feel that!

Since then I have been using 1/4 tsp. salt in one full neti pot of luke warm water for each nostril (so two full pots in all) twice per day. The results have astonished me! I started out doing it once per day after brushing my teeth in the morning, but found myself WANTING to do it before bed so I could breath better during the night.

Some of the results I've noticed: quieter breathing (no wheezing), almost NO need to blow my nose during the day (from the girl who used to go through a box of tissues every three days!), breathing through my nose while sleeping (NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!), husband says less snoring, better breath and focus during yoga practice, and (the best of all). I am taking a half dose of my regular allergy medicine with the BEST RESULTS of my life! Halving my medication saves me about $700 per year!

I love my neti so much, I feel dirty if I don't use it after brushing my teeth! It takes less than 3 minutes each day now that I'm good at it and I see less and less mucus as time goes on. It might seem odd at first but TRY IT. My $14 neti pot was the best money I ever spent!

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