Hands on Stress Treatment

Stress is an energy that crosses all barriers. It affects us physically causing all types of aches and pains. If it continues it could make you sick.

That's starting to seem pretty obvious in this crazy life we have created for ourselves.

But it goes much further than that. It can affect our communication with people, our digestion, our sex life and much more.

It can actually twist us up so much that we can't even think straight. It's like a weight that takes its toll on all parts of our body. It even affects our wallets. We can't do our jobs when we are all freaked out. We forget to pay bills, we forget birthdays and a whole lot more. Everything starts to fall like a house of cards when huge amounts are in our lives. It's toxic.

What can be done about it?

Want to try a little experiment.

Click on the play arrow below and follow the on-screen instructions to get a handle on the problem. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

You will be tapping on acupuncture points while thinking of the problem, as simple as that. This process is called EFT. With a little practice, it can be used any time the feeling comes over you and starts to take over your life.

We want your comments on how well you did (at the bottom of this page). If you like these, I will make more for other ailments. It works well on just about anything. But you have to let me know.

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